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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Here's A Suggestion

There's been some question as to who will the Democrats field to challenge George Allen in 2006. And it's a pretty darn good question, too. I talked about a few names I had heard (Puckett, Petersen, et al), and I've been thinking about it some more today. So I called back the "source" I have and threw some names at him, and said perhaps he should pass them on (hey, it isn't long distance on my cell phone, so why not?). See what you think.

1-Del. Onzlee Ware (Roanoke); Delegate Ware was elected in 2003 to represent both part of Roanoke City and Roanoke County. I've heard him talk once or twice, and I'm extremely impressed. As an African American, he could shore up support among that base. He seems to be a moderate, while will fly well in Southwest Virginia. We'll see where that goes.

2-Del. Jackie Stump (Honaker); Delegate Stump has represented Buchanan County, and parts of Russell and Tazewell Counties since 1990. He is an extremely affable and likable person, who would be the epitomy of a gentlemanly Southern politician. Why not Senator Stump?

3-Mary Sue Terry (Rishmond); Miss Terry ran against George Allen for Governor in 1993, so she would certainly know what to be expecting. She's currently teaching at the University of Richmond.

And, of course, if our slate of candidates doesn't work out 100% in 2005 the way we hope it does, we'll have a great, battle-tested candidate (I just hope it doesn't come from that source).

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Anonymous said...

Delegate Petersen!!!!!!!

Joshua Crute said...

I do not think so.