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Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Think We've Got A Winner

I haven't talked about this yet, but with school, SWAC, guitar picking, and working on getting a girlfriend, time slips away.

But here we go anyway.

Today, former Secretary of the Navy James H. Webb announced he will be a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in 2006, against Senator George Allen.

"'I don't wake up in the morning wanting to be a U.S. senator," Webb said in an interview. "I wake up every morning very concerned about the country. We need to put some focus back in our foreign policy, a different focus.'" [from the Washington Post]

I think we've got a very strong candidate in Secretary Webb. He has a military record that can't be touched (especially by a non-veteran), he can really take Senator Allen to task on national security and military issues. And, I'm guessing, can maybe even tap into the "Reagan Legacy," and pick up some of those Reagan Democrats that our party hasn't been very good at re-claiming.

As a few suggestions to Secretary Webb (I'm sure he has many more advisors who are more learned than me, however): He likely can get the core Democratic base, so he shouldn't spend valuable time and money courting them. Come to Southwest Virginia (I know of a guy willing to introduce him if he needs somebody. *cough cough*). Go to the Bristol Motor Speedway in March and August (even though its not in Virginia, high-profile politicians from both VA and TN campaign there [Bill Frist, George Allen, Rick Boucher, Tim Kaine, Bill Jenkins, and losers like Jerry Kilgore and Kevin Triplett]). Go for the "NASCAR Dads" and "Soccer Moms," and hit the military communities hard. I think veterans/current military/military families would like to vote for a veteran over a non-veteran.

Overall, and I'll be writing more on this race later, while our chances are below 50-50, we're working on it, and I think James Webb can give George Allen a run for his money.

And, who knows, if we can create the "perfect storm," we very well could have a "Senator Webb."



Politicl.Animal said...

Actually, the interesting thing about this is that Webb may not get the base as easily as you might think.

Think about the Byrne/Baskerville/Petersen/Puckett primary: who got the base? What segment of the base was bigger?

Now think Miller/Webb. Do you make any connections between Lt. Gov nominees and Senate nominees in terms of location or ideology?

This thing is wide open. Remember: you have to win the primary to be on the ballot in November. Here we go!

Josh Chernila said...

It's a good question.

Democrats still value viability.

We'll see what we'll see.

I for one, will pick the War Hero, civil rights visionary, award winning journalist, anti-Iraq war, anti-imperial president candidate from Gate City over the Fairfax IT Lobbyist.

Democrats will have to make that determination for themselves.

Dannyboy said...

If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Webb to win the primary. What did Petersen have? Money and inside support. Just like Miller had. What did Byrne have? A crazy motivated base, just like Webb. Plus, Webb is getting all kinds of national media attention for this race. Most political analysists in the country have already said that Webb is the only guy who can actually challenge Allen. No offense to Miller fans, mind you, but I expect for it to be Webb vs. Allen come the fall.