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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Where Does He Get This Stuff?

My favorite news show is Countdown with Keith Olbermann, followed closely by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (yeah, yeah, I know; it's not real news).

Tonight, on Countdown, I hear that everybody's favorite far-right angry man, Bill O'Reilly, is supporting a petition (found here) to "Bring Back Donahue." His petition never mentions Olbermann or the name of his show, just "the program currently airing weeknights on that network at 8:00 PM EST." One of his main ideas is that the ratings are much lower for Olbermann now than they were for Donahue when he was cancelled.

What? According to the ratings (as quoted by Olbermann on his show) for Donahue in January/February 2003 were 152,000 viewers per night, while Olbermann's January/February 2006 ratings are 157,000. Yep. Olbermann went way down.

My favorite part of the segment had to be Olbermann signing the petition himself on air, then a short (obviously staged) segment showing MSNBC employees lined up around a room waiting to sign the petition (including Tucker Carlson and Dan Abrams). Olbermann obviously got a kick out of the whole situation.

Which brings me to my main point; Who does Bill O'Reilly think he is? Is he so delusional that he believes he has the power to cancel a show (which is his rival for ratings) on another channel to "give Donahue a fair chance"? Oh, come on.

I'm awfully afraid that O'Reilly has become power crazy and believes he has much more influence than he really does. I find it hilarious he wants to "boycott" France, and tries to drum up the "War on Christmas," when in reality, it's mostly in his head.

I look forward to hearing what O'Reilly will say about the on-air joke Olbermann made of the petition.

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