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Sunday, February 12, 2006

What Is He Thinking?

According to, the Washington Nationals offered Sammy Sosa a one-year, $500,000 non-guaranteed Major League contract sometime around Wednesday, and he hasn't responded! Okay, here's what I'm thinking; Sammy Sosa had about as bad a year in 2005 as a former big star could possibly have. He went from hitting 60 home runs three years in a row, to hitting 14 in 2005. He made $17,875,000 last year.

Now, the Washington Nationals are my favorite baseball team. I was pulling for Sammy Sosa back during the home run race while he was competing with Mark McGwire (mainly because I thought McGwire had a big neck). I also think that it is good to have Sosa as insurance in case Alfonso Soriano just completely refuses to play the outfield, or if Jose Guillen isn't up to par. But one of three things will need to happen before Spring Training;
1-Sosa swallows his pride, takes the pay cut, and has to prove to Jim Bowden and Frank Robinson that he can still play.
2-The Nationals refuse to raise the offer, and tell Sosa to take it or leave it.
3-The Nationals just say "forget it" and gamble on Soriano taking the outfield.

To sum it up, the reason Sosa won't go for a "no guarantee" contract is because he thinks, because of his earlier achievements, he should be allowed to play, even if he can't do it anymore. If he's in the same kind of shape as he was last year, I say we let Frank Robinson be a player/manager like he was for the Indians back in the 1970's. I mean, at 70, he could do just as well as Sosa did in 2005...

Jusqu'à ce que nous nous réunissions encore...


(P.S.-That is supposed to be "Until we meet again," but if it's not, hey, I'm just in French II, get off me.)

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