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Friday, February 24, 2006

The Leslie Byrne?

On my last post, an anonymous person left the following post:

Anonymous said...
Neal: Great post!Working people need more champions. Leslie Byrne
7:04 AM

Wow. I wonder if that is a reference to Leslie Byrne as a champion of working people (which she definitly is), or if that's Leslie Byrne reading my blog (which would be amazingly neat)?

I really like Leslie Byrne's politics, and, although I was a Petersen supporter in the 2005 primary, I would go so far as to say she came to be my favorite candidate of the 3 statewide Democratic candidates.

I would really like to see her run for another office in the future (I was talking before James Webb decided to run that Leslie Byrne would be a great Senate candidate). I think she could run for Governor in 2009, for Congress against Tom Davis, or even the U.S. Senate if John Warner retires. I'll definitly be voting for her if she's on a ballot in the future here in Bristol.



Neal said...

Too bad I can't vote for her if she runs there.

She's a great campaigner, and if she wins that and does well, maybe Congress will re-present itself to her.

Kenton said...

Rumor (as in NLS) has it that Leslie's considering a run for supervisor up here in Fairfax. I wouldn't be surprised a bit if she won in a landslide.

Not Larry Sabato said...

I think she will run for Governor or Chairman- time will tell. She'll be good at either.

Neal- I talk to Leslie regurally, she is an avid blog reader, and read yours all through the last campaign. I'm sure that was her.

Dannyboy said...

I'm sure Leslie would be a good candidate in 2009, but I'm a Deeds follower. I'll be doing what I can for him in 2009. Still, I hope she's not gone from the party.

Neal said...

I'm very surprised she read mine. I'm honored to hear it. Didn't think many folks were reading, so it's a great surprise.
Dannyboy-I think Deeds is my 2nd choice for Governor right now, but something tells me he might run for AG again.

Shaula Evans said...

Neal, I've had comments from Leslie, too. I'd suspect it was really here.

I am a huge admirer of Leslie (naturally!).

I'd love to see her run for Chairman of FX county--as a way to do what she does so well while she waits for another high level opportunity to open up, and as a stepping stone to a much higher office. Plus it would be a great things for Fairfax.

My fingers are crossed.